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Medicard and AXA members can use MyPocketDoctor Consultations for FREE. Text 21585760 (GLOBE/TM) or 225655760 (SMART/TNT)

What our patients say

Racquiel Castillo

Thanks for giving me peace of mind rather than waiting for my next doctor's appointment.

Ogeriocel Buquirin

Very convenient and fast service, from the nurse who took my concern and to the doctor who helped me understand my health situation. Will recommend it to my colleagues.

Rossellini Honrado

A big help most especially for patients like me that can't go to the nearest hospital because of fever. A big help too because of the coordination with the nearest mercury drug. Thank you!

Jorge Rendell Concepcion

Hi, this is the first time I have utilized the online consultation and it was indeed an excellent experience. They were quick! I will greatly recommend this service to everyone.

Joyce Lyn Molina

Dr. de Jesus, in particular, always respond to client needs promptly. He is straightforward and easy to talk to and gives clear advice always. I frequently use MyPocketDoctor for practical reasons. Not to mention the competent doctors. The nurses are polite and hardworking.

“Teleconsultations now more important than ever.

The Corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak has led to many of our insurance partners encouraging members to use Mypocketdoctor. Some insurance companies go as far as extending Mypocketdoctor telemedicine services to all their members (Medicard and AXA currently).”

Consultation codes are also available from all MLhuilier stores nationwide

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Feeling sick at work? Download the MyPocketDoctor app and request for a consultation. You may opt to have your prescribed medications picked-up or delivered to your office.

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If your baby has fever at night, you can immediately request for a consultation by sending an SMS to +15707403481. Our doctors are available 24/7 to examine your baby in real-time.


We offer our consultations in English or Filipino.


Price per consultation is USD 9.


MyPocketDoctor can cover 80% of all health issues in a consultation over phone or computer.


24/7. No matter when you need to seek a doctor, we are always there for you. Treating you right.

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