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Mediaxes Inc.'s MyPocketDoctor is the first telemedicine app in the Philippines. We value convenience especially when it comes to your health. With MyPocketDoctor, you can talk to a highly-competent, well-trained and unbiased medical doctor through video or phone wherever you may be.

Talking to a medical doctor has never been this easy. Go ahead, get your much needed consultation now.

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Request for a medical consultation anywhere using our mobile app! Our app is downloadable through the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). Those without smartphones need not worry, you can request a consultation through this website as well.

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We offer our consultations in English or Filipino.


Price per consultation is Php 450.


MyPocketDoctor can cover 80% of all health issues in a consultation over phone or computer.



24/7. No matter when you need to seek a doctor, we are always there for you. Treating You Right.

When you will need MyPocketDoctor

Scenario 1

Feeling sick? Let’s say you are at work, your work pays you only for when you are at work. If you leave your office, long lines at the doctors'clinic would most probably take a whole day. It would cost you one whole day of salary. Not only that, you would have to pay for your fare or gas going to and from the clinic or hospital. There is also the possibility of traffic. After that when a presription is on hand, you have to go to the pharmacy. MyPocketDoctor takes care of all that for you. Just download the app, request for a consultation. talk to the doctor through video/call, get a prescription and have the option to have your medications picked up or delivered to your workplace. You don't have to miss work. You get to save a whole day's salary.

Scenario 2

Mother of a sick child. Your baby is slightly feverish. What do you do? Google doesn't seem to calm you. And the baby's fever rises in the middle of the night. Emergency room fees take a toll on your budget, add to that you wouldn't know how soon you will be entertained. Just request a consult from MyPocketDoctor and let the doctor examine your baby in real-time no matter the hours.

What patients say

Naneth F Totanes

April 05, 2017

Keep it up.                                                                

Dyan Kay Fabonan

March 28, 2017

Since I don't have time visiting any clinic it saves me time.

Myra Soriano

March 28, 2017

I really enjoyed using this online MyPocketdoctor. It's really helps to avoid conflict-cation in your schedule.

Head Doctors

Head Doctor

Finn Mortensen


Finn Mortensen, graduated as MD in 1981, is a good example of our European team of physicians. Specializing in general medicine, Finn has worked as a GP (General Practitioner) since 1990, and his practise is open for telephone consultations in the morning. This is common in Denmark, and citizens may also request telephone consultations with nurses and doctors every day from 4 pm to 8 am.

Head Doctor

Johann Kim T. Mañez


Dr. Mañez is one of the youngest professors among the faculty of the newly opened College of Medicine in the Adventist University of the Philippines located in Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite. The medical curriculum of the newly opened medical school itself is unique because it is presently the only medical curriculum in Asia and possibly the world, wherein Lifestyle Medicine has been incorporated and is presently being taught due in a large part, to the efforts of Dr. Mañez. His educational background consists of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology, one in History, Philosophy and Religion and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. He finished his Medical Degree at the Manila Central University College of Medicine and initially underwent his first year of training as a resident of Internal Medicine at the Adventist Medical Center Manila before deciding to shift his education, teaching, and research and fulltime practice to Lifestyle Medicine. He is presently the Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Facilitator and Lifestyle Medicine Consultant of the Health & Wellness Department of the Adventist Medical Center Manila where they conduct both community-based (CHIP) and residential Lifestyle Medicine programs. He has conducted more than 350 seminars and lectures and several media appearances and interviews on Lifestyle Medicine and Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors around the Philippines and several neighboring Asian and Pacific Island Countries. Dr. Mañez, together with his colleagues from Loma Linda-California, Manila-Philippines and New South Wales-Australia, recently started publishing research on the outcomes of Lifestyle Medicine interventions done in the Philippines, in one of the international peer reviewed scientific journals on nutrition. He is a Fellow in the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and is a founding member of the Asian Society of Lifestyle Medicine and founder of the Philippine College of Lifestyle Medicine. He is presently the Head Doctor of Mediaxes Inc.’s telemedicine service/app in the Philippines, where Lifestyle Medicine is a primary advocacy.