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To engage with our business consultants and inquire about any of the services, you can reach out to us through this form.
Here’s a breakdown of the services:

NCD Watches:
If you want to acquire NCD watches or related products, you can inquire about pricing, availability, and specifications through our business consultants.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement:
We likely offer software solutions as a service, including our app for health monitoring. You can discuss SaaS agreements, licensing terms, and customization options with our consultants.

Medical Consultants Service:
We may provide medical consulting services, either for individuals or organizations. These services could include medical advice, telemedicine consultations, or specialized healthcare solutions.

Business Strategies:
Our business consultants can guide business strategies related to healthcare technology, telemedicine, and digital health solutions.

Franchise Opportunities:
We might offer franchise opportunities for individuals or organizations interested in partnering with us to expand our services in specific regions or markets.

Becoming a Partner:
If you want to partner with us for mutual business opportunities, you can explore options tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Subscription Contract for MyPocket Doctor:
To subscribe to MyPocket Doctor services, such as our app for health monitoring, you can discuss subscription contracts, pricing plans, and service features with our consultants.

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