Terms & Conditions


The MyPocketDoctor service is offered by Mediaxes Inc., placed at: 11th Floor Apple One Equicom Tower Mindanao Avenue corner Biliran Road Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Philippines 6000, herein after called Mediaxes.

Any disputes are subject to Danish law and the physicians are operating under the same rules and laws as all other physicians with the authority and legal right to practice medicine privately in Scandinavia, the European Union and the respective countries the doctors are operating from.

Mediaxes specialises in guiding people with health concerns swiftly and correctly. The service can be accessed via the MyPocketDoctor app over the Internet.

In the event that the service is unavailable due to circumstances outside of Mediaxes control, Mediaxes cannot be held responsible.

Medical advisory

MyPocketDoctor is a medical advisory service only. Remember to buy travel insurance for any other medical costs, hospital admissions etc. MyPocketDoctor is an information service providing access to physicians 24 hours a day via the MyPocketDoctor app on a smartphone.

MyPocketDoctor does not cover physical examinations and treatments; this is normally taken care of by your travel insurance or agreements between the health authorities in your home country and the country you are travelling in.

The rate is ₱450 per consultation. After the consultation, you will receive an email invoice.

Service level

First time users are initiated by MyPocketDoctor. After signing up for the service, you may also contact MyPocketDoctor via E-mail info@mypocketdoctor.com and phone (call 032 230 4736).

In the event that the above cannot be met due to conditions outside of Mediaxes’ control (no signal, bad or missing Internet connection etc.), Mediaxes cannot be held responsible.

Patients may also receive prescriptions when travelling in the EU, Iceland and Norway, if the physician finds it necessary and relevant.


Mediaxes’ physicians cannot in any way be held responsible for acute conditions that require physical surgery or treatment. For acute treatment always contact the local emergency services.

Mediaxes’ physicians can coordinate with local physicians, and guide you in regards to the treatment of demanding conditions, which are not urgent but still require attention.

Physicians are independent self-employed contractors and are regulated by the health authorities in their respective countries, where they have authorization to practice medicine.

The physicians are authorized in several EU countries. The Physicians may, for instance, prescribe medicine throughout the EU, and besides being subject to national laws and regulations (and complaint possibilities) they are also subject to EU law. If you wish to make a complaint about a physician, please feel free to write to us and we will advise you on how you should file your complaint to the proper authorities.

Languages covered

English and Scandinavian and more languages will be available shortly. Make an inquiry about available languages, when you contact us.

By downloading the MyPocketDoctor app, you agree to the terms & conditions listed above and to receive the Mypocketdoc newsletter and relevant information.